Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toronto aka Siberia...WTF

According to the sympatico/msn weather website:

Current Conditions: -11°C
A few clouds
Feels like : -21°C (this is the one that really matters)

Sometimes I wonder why we live here. OMG...I'm freezing my ass off. I don't want to leave the house b/c it's like walking out into a deep freezer. No thanks!
The worst part is that I have to go down to my storage and get out my winter clothes. I have to start wearing my long coat that is pretty much a sleeping bag with a hood. I have to wear thick pants and ugg-type footwear. AKA for the next 4 months, my style must suffer in order to not get frostbite. Everyone who lives here goes through it. And everyone gets fat b/c they wear baggy jogging pants or leggings everyday. OK. I'm starting to get depressed.
What happened to Fall? It was summer and then it started snowing. We've lost our transition seasons. Spring and Fall are nonexistant.
This is bullshit...

Manny Pacquiao: From ZERO to HERO

Lesson #1: Speed Kills...

Manny Pacquiao aka PACMAN aka the PEOPLE'S CHAMP aka the MEXICUTIONER beats De La Hoya in what was called "the dream match". De La Hoya was advised not to go on after the 8th round of a 12-round fight. Every Filipino person I knew was watching this.
To be honest, I don't really care about boxing but my (filipino) people rarely ever get to experience stuff like this. So of course, I had to get in on the action. I didn't realize what a big deal this guy was until my friend Ania called me from Vegas to tell me that MGM is packed with Filipino people (Most of which she agreed I was taller than...yay!). So I got on the internet and googled this dude. I ended up watching this 28 minute HBO special on youtube called: De La Hoya Pacquiao 24/7 Episode 1 (HBO) and fell in love. He is a true Filipino. He works hard, extremely disciplined, feels obligated to support his family and his country and lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with 10 other people (so filipino) and sings karaoke (ha).
Pacquiao, 29, is considered the greatest sports HERO the Philippines has ever had. He is THE most famous person in the country. He dropped out of school when he was 12, sold cigarettes in the streets and turned to boxing in order to survive (Gotta love a good story). He doesn't take his title as a hero lightly. His international fame has impacted the Philippines through his foundation administering many charities and medical clinics. He reportedly spent $700,000 for tickets to the match that he gave out to friends and relatives. That's 35 Million Pesos!!
"Back home in the Philippines, he's revered as a real-life Rocky who slugged his way out of the country's pervasive poverty and proved that Filipinos can compete and win on the global stage...Since then, he's been busy shooting commercials and a movie, collecting awards, attending parties in his honor and, most recently, campaigning for his friend President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the nation's upcoming election who says:
"There are two things this country is hungry for: a fighter and a hero"
Well...the country need look no further. Pacquiao is here...