Monday, April 20, 2009

topic: sampling/remixes

I'm pretty picky about remixes. I don't like when people take a song that someone else previously wrote/sang and redo it and make it worse.

I think Toto's version of "Africa" is great. Why did Karl Wolf take it and sing it and take credit for it? He didn't even really change it. Thie original was way awesomer. I feel bad for saying this because he's Canadian but it's true.

Flo-rida did the same thing with "Right Round". He sampled Dead or Alive's song and made it worse. When this song comes on the radio in my car, I frantically fumble to change the station. The girl's voice is super annoying.

Anyway...I guess I'm gonna have to get used to all my fave 80's songs getting reused and killed. So sad.

I don't feel this way about ALL remixes. The Kid Cudi, Kanye & Common remix of Pokerface ("poke her face")is actually amazing. I love it!

Poke Her Face - Kid Cudi Kanye Common