Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm a DIVA..because I'm a HUSTLER!

Beyonce did it again.

This one is for all my Female BRAZEN know who you are!!!

Lyrics to DIVA:

I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva

Now now now diva is a female version of a hustler of a hustler of a of a hustler now now now diva is a female version of a hustler of a hustler of a of a hustler.

Stop the track let me state facts
i told you to give me a meaning and i'll be right back
Sold a million round the world and they siad i couldn't get it
I done got so sick and filthy with benjis i can't spend
How You going be talking shit
You acting like i just gota up in it
I've been the number one diva in this game for a minute
I know you read the paper the one that they call the queen
Have the radio round the world kno me cause that's where i be.

When he pull up
Wanna pop my hood up
bet he betta have a six pack in da cooler
Getting money
Diva gettin money
If you aint gettin money
Than you aint got nothing for me
tell me something (tell me something)
Where your boss at
Where my ladies up in here that like to talk back
I wanna see ya
I like to meet ya
What you said
she aint no diva!

Since 15 in my stilletos i strutin in this game
What's your age
What's the queston they ask when i hit the stage
I'm a diva best believe it
You see how she gettin paid
She aint calling him the greener
Don't need'em her fast maid
This is a stick up stick up
I need them bag's or that money
This is a stick up stick up you see them ask for that money
All my ladies get it up
I see you
I do the same
Take you to another level no passenger on my plane.

This is a stick up stick up
I need them bag's or the money
Stick up stick up
You see them ask where that money

the video:

I Love American Idol at the beginning...

The first few episodes of a new American Idol season are always my faves.

It's like an emotional roller coaster. I cry almost every time someone gets a "golden ticket" (don't ask why) and I laugh the the hilariosity (i know that's not a word) But duuuuuuude...some people are really bad. As Randy Jackson would say "Sorry Dawg...this competition is not for you."

I had a few favourites tonight, but my #1 was Emily Hughes. She sang Barracuda by Heart. First of all, I love this song. Second of all, it's really hard to sing. Simon even said so. LOL

Watch it: