Friday, January 16, 2009

Word of the day is... HANGRY


If you know that guy in the picture above and you've been in contact with him prior to his first meal of the day, then you have been the victim of HANGRINESS.

You know when you're really hungry but you might be too busy to eat so you put it off and then your stomach starts to grumble and you feel like it's "eating itself". And more hours go by...then you just start acting like a total DICK and you're not sure why?

It's because you're HANGRY. It's a common condition that I myself have suffered from on a regular basis. I know a lot of people who are effected by this.

I didn't know there was an actual word for it until my friend Sima used it one day. We were at ikea and had been there for hours without eating breakfast or lunch and she kept saying "hurry up...I'm getting "hangry". I was like "angry? hungry? what did you just say"? And everything made sense.

My boyfriend is hangry at least once a day so what I do now to try to offset the effects is: I keep snacks in my purse so if I see a hanger episode coming on, I just reach into my purse and say..."here babe..put this in your mouth" and almost instantly, the effects start to lessen until we are able to find a place to sit down and eat. It really does the trick.

Simple diagnoses...simple solutions...

you can thank me later...