Saturday, December 6, 2008

I bought new cd's today. Hooray!

So for the past few years, I've noticed my tolerance for NEW music has been on a decline.

Almost everytime I turn on the radio I find myself saying "This is the dumbest song I've ever heard". The beat of a song is important but lyrics are just as important, if not MORE important, to me when deciding if I like a song. And let's be honest...lyrics (especially hip hop) to songs these days don't exactly enthrall me.

I've always been a music lover. Almost any kind of music moves me (except 'high energy dance'... I just don't get it). When I was a little girl my dad used to take me to SEARS in Thornhill once a week and I was allowed to choose ONE cassette tape to buy.

I would frantically unwrap plastic off the tape as soon as I got in the car and pop it in the tape deck and teach my dad about popular music and what the hell these people were saying (My dad is ESL...gotta love him). Then I'd get home, lock myself in my room and play the tape over and over and memorize every word and write down the lyrics to my faves (if they didn't already come with the tape). Then I would sing and dance and wonder what the songwriter was thinking when they wrote it.

So today I felt nostalgic when I went into HMV on Queen St. and chose 4 cd's to purchase. They were: Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak, John Legend- Evolver, Jason Mraz- We sing. we dance. we steal things, and Q-Tip - The Renaissance.'s are like $10 these days. I rikee...

So far I'm digging the Q-Tip cd...

There is hope for new music. Yaaaay!

Like my journal in highschool

Yay! I've been wanting to do this for a while but didn't know how or worried that I wouldn't have time to keep up and it would be garbage. But now I don't care...I just wanna do it. It looks like so much fun. Fun is my middle name. Mimi "fun" Pedro...

I used to keep a journal. I did this on and off from age 6-25. I used it as an outlet to express myself and my thoughts and I always thought it would be a cool way to remember little parts of my life that seemed petty and unimportant at the time but I might want to remember later.

A few months ago I found a journal I kept in grade 10. Wow...I laughed so hard I cried. Talking about boys and kissing and parties and underage drinking. At the time, I was terrified at the thought of someone finding this book and knowing about my deepest thoughts. But now I'm glad I wrote them down because honestly, I see who I was then and who I am now and how I haven't changed that much.

This is my first BLOG entry and I'm excited to have found a new outlet. My adulthood journal. The Brazen hussy diaries...haha.