Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brazen Hussy Fall/Winter '09 PREVIEW

Check out the videos that our friends at and took at our photoshoot this week.

I love what I do...check out a day in the life of a designer, fashionista, model, stylist, blogger, photographer, make up artist...

aka. kiki and mimi from brazen hussy, models: shay, magda, julianna, bloggers supreme: coco and eva from, The man who does it ALL: t-rexx, fashionista: jabril, photographer/blogger: will from, stylists: caitlin and vili from bossy girls, make up by: mila victoria, fashion photography: sean getti

brazen hussy photo shoot part 02 from coco lowe on Vimeo.

brazen hussy photo shoot 3 from coco lowe on Vimeo.

brazen hussy shoot 01 from coco lowe on Vimeo.

NEXT UP...FALL/WINTER '09 FASHION SHOW AT CIRCA BALLROOM MARCH 12th...mark it dowwwwwn or you'll be sad that you missed it. I don't want you to be sad. I love you.