Saturday, January 3, 2009

Summer Heights High = funny shit

I started watching this show about 2 months ago on HBO called SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH. The season just ended and I already miss it.

It's so funny and has the best lines. I kept quoting lines from the show with my friends to the point where they had to watch it to understand...and then it spread like wild fire and soon enough my friends and I were texting eachother all day with lines from this damn show.

It's an Australian comedy set in a real high school among real high school students and examines life in high school through the eyes of 3 main characters: the gay drama teacher (Mr. G), a female exchange student (Ja'mie King) and the school's juvenile delinquent (Jonah Takalua). All 3 characters are played by Chris Lilley. (p.s. I want to be his friend in real life)

If you have TMN on demand you can watch every episode (1-8). If not, I feel sorry for your life. I even got my friend Celeste from Edmonton texting me quotes from the show. She doesn't even get the channel...she's just been watching clips on youtube.

Here are some of my favourite moments:



MR. G: