Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Porn Industry is asking for a BAILOUT now?!?

According to Larry Flynt (Hustler Mag), sales are down 25%.

He and Joe Francis (Girls gone wild) have asked the US Government for a $5 Billion bailout. Hahahaha

Last year the porn industry brought in $12-13 Billion dowwwwlaaas.

I think that if the government is handing out money to the Auto Industry then giving the porn industry a couple mill is justified.

It makes sense to me..

This is obviously a publicity stunt. In an interview I just saw on the news, Larry Flynt said he's trying to make congress look stupid.

When you think about it...what's the difference. Both industries bring in tons of dough. One of them is just more fun than the other...Don't hate the player- hate the game. LOL