Thursday, December 25, 2008

My huge fam crammed into my living room...sorry about the shaky hand

MeRRy xMaS & haPPy HoLiDaYs!!!

I honestly love this time of year.

Christmas with my family is hilarious.

My fave thing that my family does when we get together for xmas is the money throwing game. I think all Filipino families do it. At our family xmas, we usually get together with about 50 of my family members and my mom will 'scramble' hundreds of dollars worth of loonies, toonies, change & small bills and throws it up in the air and the kids pretty much kill each other trying to scramble for the money.

I still play. But my little cousins are bigger than me now. It's a dangerous game but well worth it.

We do dance contests, musical chairs and other games for prize money. hahaha it's awesome.

Check out a money grab video of my family freaking out in the next post...

Filipino Xmas money grab game