Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just because we're in a RECESSION doesn't mean we can't have fun

I'm so sick of people complaining about how "POVER" (short for poverty) they are and how they can't have any fun.

My advice is: Try a new low-budget activity that you haven't tried before and who knows?? You might discover something you actually enjoy and didn't know you would.

I know I complain too...a lot...but i'm gonna quit that. My new attitude is: You don't need to "ball out" to have a good time. Grey goose is only a fun "enhancer" not the source of fun. (And repeat over and over to self until I actually believe it)

Here are my top 4 (couldn't think of 5) cheap & FUN things to do:

4. BOWLING: I forgot how fun bowling was until 5 years ago when we went for my sister's birthday. We went again in November with a group of 10 and it was super fun. Lucky Strike at Vaughan Mills is a nice spot. It's clean and pretty and you can get bottle service and good food. It's like a club setting but way more fun. On weekends they have a DJ too.

3. ICE SKATING: Toronto is a great place for outdoor skating rinks. I love the rink at Harbourfront centre. You can rent skates there for $7. They also have special skate nights where they have a DJ. How fun..

2. GAMES NIGHT: For the past 2 weeks, I've hosted a "games night" at my place. Everyone brings a snack or a bottle of wine and we play board games and watch movies or play poker. It's a hit amongst my "pover" buddies. I am a great Taboo player. It's one of the best board games ever invented. So we usually don't touch that game because I demolish anyone who challenges me. Also, if you're gonna play poker, play for money- even if it's $5's way more fun!

1. KARAOKE: This can be an amazingly FUN activity to do with a bunch of friends. I would recommend BMB Karaoke 593 Bloor W, W. of Bathurst. I've been here a few times with a small group of friends. You can rent out rooms at an hourly rate. Rooms come with a TV, comfy couches 2 mics and a huge book of songs to choose from. There's also a bar that serves beer and wine. You can sing at the top of your lungs and just go nuts without having to worry about strangers judging you or having to listen to randoms sing country tunes.

If you have an xbox at home or a Playstation there are lots of fun karaoke games. I just bought LIPS on xbox 360. There's 40 songs to choose from and at the end it rates you. You can challenge friends. it's pretty fun but you can get bored of the same songs. p.s. I'm kind of awesome at this game. Undefeated actually. But's in my Filipino blood to be a natural karaoke-ist.