Monday, February 16, 2009

Reform the way you live your HAPPIER :)

I read this book years ago and it taught me a lot about my self and others. The book is called 'The Four Agreements' and the author is Don Ruiz.

The book suggests that there are 4 life rules to being a happier person. These rules are based on the wisdom of the ancient Toltec of Mexico. It says that there are 4 practices that each person must commit to to reach true happiness and love.

1. "BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD" - Speak with integrity. There is 'power' in words and you should use that power to say exactly what you mean and use it in a direction of positivity and truth. You shouldn't misuse 'the word' for negativity such as gossip or tell lies.

In other words, telling lies and spreading gossip will just make you look like the fool. Your lies always catch up to you. Nobody likes a liar and people with no friends can't be happy.

2. "DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY" - Don't let the opinions and actions of others affect you because these opinions/actions actually have nothing to do with you. They are the result of fear and/or insecurity with themselves. According to Ruiz, we will avoid needless suffering if we stop taking things personally.

In other words, Let the haters hate because they are actually your BIGGEST fans.

3. "DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS" - and you will avoid misunderstandings. When you make assumptions, you just create unnecessary sadness and worry. Instead, you should communicate with clarity.

In other words, if you assume something and you are actually wrong, you'll feel like a bag of shit. But if you are clear with your intentions or expectations or ask the person you are communicating with, to clarify, you won't be forced to ASSUME and won't expect shit and disappoint yourself.

4. "ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST" - avoid regret and self-judgment. If you always do your best under any circumstances, you will avoid the consequences of what happens when you don't do your best.

In other words, if you study every day for a year then write your LSATs then get into law school and end up making loads of money and buying gucci purses on the regular, you'll be glad because the hard work paid off. But if you slack off and procrastinate and cram the night before the test and fail, you'll be pissed that you didn't try harder especially because you know what your capable of at your full potential.

No go make these 4 agreements with yourself and be a better person... word up!