Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Word of the day is....REBOOTY

Don't laugh at me BUT from time to time, you might catch me on my computer checking out the Online Urban dictionary because people make up some funny words.

So anyway, I went on today and the word of the day was REBOOTY.

If any of you watched the Bachelor last night, you'll agree that this word describes Jason and Molly's situation.

The definition according to the online urban dictionary:

1. A booty call made with an ex.

2. A renewed relationship with an ex.

"After things didn't work out with Melissa, Jason went on TV and asked for a REBOOTY with Molly."

I don't agree with Rebooties unless you are drunk and it's only one time.

p.s. Molly is stupid for taking him back. He just spent the past 6 weeks banging Melissa.